SATURDAY 13 FEBRUARY 2021, 7.30pm, St Andrew’s & St George’s West

Florilegium – Haydn London Symphonies arranged by Salomon

Ashley Solomon – flute (director); Bojan Čičić and Agata Darashkaite – violins; Jane Rogers – viola; Jennifer Morsches – cello; Pawel Siwczak – fortepiano

Florilegium, well known to Edinburgh audiences, perform three of Haydn’s London Symphonies arranged by the great musical impresario Johann Peter Salomon for flute, string quartet and fortepiano: No.94 “Surprise”, No.101 “Clock” and No.104 “London”.

“They climbed the heights of dancing bliss and left the Wigmore sighing with pleasure” – The Times, London

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